Tag: Jual Kamera CCTV Murah Analog 700 TVL ARVIO-DSK3070S

ARVIO-DSK3070S CCTV Analog 700 TVL

ARVIO-DSK3070S CCTV Analog Dome Indoor 700 TVL

CCTV Dome Indoor dengan dilengkapi penutup plastik bening. CCTV ini merupakan CCTV Analog dengan resolusi 700 TVL.

Model : ARVIO-DSK3070S

Spesifikasi :
1. Chipset 1/3″ SONY Exview HAD CCD with SONY Effio DSP;
2. 700 TVL High Resolution;
3. Night Vision 30 pcs Infra Red LED
4. Infra Red Range up to 25-30 meters range;
5. Board Lens 3.6 mm
6. Indoor Housing with clear cover